Custom designed wall cladding systems

Gridworx is the revolutionary mechanical stone cladding system. Our patent pending custom wall cladding technique is more cost effective than full bed masonry construction. With efficiencies in material, freight and labor, Gridworx stone panels make building with cut-stone affordable.

Gridworx is the only stone cladding system on the market that offers non-sequential installation of stone panels. This provides for the ease of replacement of discolored or broken stones. The parsing of hanging the anchors from setting the stone allows installation to begin even before the stone panels arrive at the job site.

Gridworx is pre-engineered for use with steel stud, concrete, CMU bock and wood frame construction. All of our commercial projects are accompanied with a Letter of Compliance and a sample System Suitability Review signed and stamped by Architectural Wall Systems, a Professional Engineering firm registered in most of the United States.

Consumers now have a cost competitive alternative to today's current selection of building products. No longer must architects and developers grapple with lesser construction material options. Once again, America can enjoy the beauty of building with stone. Making Gridworx a true a revolution in custom wall cladding. Click here for our Brochure

Design Greatness

Hundreds of pre-engineered typical design details are available for downloading from our web page under the “Architect” tab above. Begin with selecting the “joint size” button for the path to an array of Gridworx specific details. These may be downloaded in PDF or DWG format. Our in-house architectural staff is available for consultation or to assist in the creation of project specific design details. No other stone cladding system is as user friendly as Gridworx.

Gridworx is an engineered cladding system. Our projects are reviewed by an independent Professional Engineer engineering firm. They examine the project plans and specifications as well as the ASTM test results for the stone. They perform calculations for wind load, dead load, pullout and shear strength of the fasteners, a seismic review and other engineering procedures. Their project specific Letter of Compliance culminates with the opinion the cladding system as designed conforms to the IBC in effect for the project location as well as local building codes. This letter is project specific, signed and stamped by a registered PE in the project State. I have attached an example of a project LOC for review. This document shifts the liability for the cladding system away from the architect to the engineer. Please take the time to examine the detail provided with this document. No other cladding system provides this level of engineering.