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Broadway St Milwaukee

Gridworx vastly simplifies the installation process. The step-by-step instructions in this Gridworx Installation Video will help ensure an efficient and successful installation.

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What`s a rainscreen

What`s a rainscreen? How do I know if I need one?"

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Benefits of Using Natural Stone Surfacing

Natural stone surfacing requires little maintenance, is durable through any kind of weather, and can be stunning to look at.

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Greenbuild 2016

Greenbuild is the world`s largest event dedicated to sustainable building. From decision makers and top level leaders who set budget and specify products to emerging professionals making the decisions of tomorrow, Greenbuild is the place to connect with key members of the industry.

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What we do

We offer The Gridworx Curtain Wall System. Gridworx is a ventilated, back drop rainscreen cladding system. It is a comprehensive system unlike none other. Gridworx consists of our patented contemporarily designed aluminum channels, choices of hundreds of natural stone and man made cladding materials, in-house architectural support, independent third party engineering and state of the art sales support. More than just a rainscreen, we start with a concept and finish with the project.

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